Egg And Bacon Muffin

Project Details:

How to make use of a muffin toaster for quick morning breakfast

Tools You Will Need:

Pan, Plate, Knife, Scissors(optional), muffin toaster, egg, muffin, bacon, cheese

Time Required for Project:

10 Minutes

Step 1

These are some of the things you'll need. Yes scissors seem funny, but for a nice clean cut without going to a chopping board are very useful.

Step 2

Muffin, Eggs, Cheese, Bacon. You really only need one of each plus slices of the cheese.

Step 3

Cut the bacon easily in half with scissors. You'll likely be better off using scissors that are made for preparing meals rather than scissors meant to be used for office supplies. While this cooks, cut your muffin in half and slice some cheese.

Step 4

The device is a breakfast muffin maker. Put the muffin bottom half and cheese and bacon in, close the second half and crack an egg on the hot plate and the top half of the muffin. Let it sit for 3 minutes.

Step 5

And done, very nice.